A swarm robotics escape room

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Dark green clouds

The plot

A mysterious pollution cloud has arrived in the city.

The sky has turned black.

Air is unbreathable.

Emergency services are evacuating the population.

You and your emergency technology special unit are the last hope to combat the pollution.

Will you be able to do it before the city is devastated?

“Super fun escape room with robots!”

“The experience was both fun and educational!

I know how swarm robotics works now! (In principle, at least)”

“Seeing videos from the real research project was really interesting! :)”

“You should take it to the road!”



Swarm Escape! is a swarm robotics escape room created by researchers from the Hauert Lab at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory. With its unique set of robotics puzzles specially designed at the lab, it explores citizens’ attitudes towards swarm robotics and its future applications.



Swarm Escape! is a unique, portable escape room available at different events across the year. Because it has been designed to be set up outdoors, you might find it in public parks, squares or any outdoor location in your city. Click the button below to find the next event near you.

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